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Leadership and Team Coaching

Each choice you make is a vote for the kind of person you want to be. 

Stories of Impact


Scott Wilson

Lead Pastor 

Oaks Church

“Sara is an invaluable and gifted resource. The work she has done at Oaks Church has impacted our staff greatly, allowing them to learn each other and work together in new and more efficient ways.”


George Lynch

CEO Traffic 911

“Sara’s help in facilitating a Style of Influence session with our team helped us “get” each other. Knowing each other’s styles lets us connect the right style with the right project. With enhanced team chemistry, we deliver better team outcomes.”


Bryan Brooks

Dean of Oaks School of Leadership

“OSL has benefitted greatly from the SOI. Our leadership team is more equipped to lead effectively and work together as a team. Sara Escamilla was phenomenal to work with. She gave us a detailed analysis and provided clear direction on the SOI results.”

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