Get your team in the game

Most leaders WANT ownership from their team. We want the people we lead and work with to love what they do and feel responsibility- not just for tasks, but for outcomes. Put simply, we want our team in the game with us, not just shouting from the sidelines.

Here's the issue: most leaders are more interested in their team's OUPUT than their INPUT. When it comes down to daily work, we want people to get crap done, right? Well, yes. In order to run productive companies and organizations we need people to work, but if your leadership to your team- the words you say, the meetings you run, the correction you bring- is all about the OUTPUT, you're never going to get real

ownership from your team.

If you want a sense of ownership from your team, start treating them like partners, not employees.



Allow them to get some skin in the game.

When people get to speak into the organization, when they get to contribute to more than just tasks, facts, and figures in a spreadsheet- THAT is when they own a part of the big picture. And, leaders, THAT is when you'll see their best work.

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