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Leaders go first

Leadership is NOT getting people to do things.

Leadership is going first.

It’s setting the example.

It’s being willing to do anything you ask others to do.

Leadership is a lifelong process of becoming a better servant.

When we are willing to serve first, people will follow.

Sure, control will get you obedience, but it will never get you followers.

People follow those they respect.

People follow those they trust.

If you want people to follow you, you MUST gain their trust first, and real trust cannot be manipulated. It MUST be earned through selfless service.

If you want people to follow you, do the hard things before you ask others to do them.

Do before you delegate.

The added bonus is that this gives you the opportunity to show people how things can be done.

Maybe you aren’t the best at everything, but when you do things as best you can and come up short, it will show others they have the same permission.

THIS is how people learn.

THIS is how people follow.

Don’t be a superstar.

Superstars rise and fall.

Be a coach.

Be willing to stand on the sidelines to see others shine.

Instead of taking pride in what you can do, take pride in what your TEAM can do.


Go first.


Want more? Check out Simon Sinek’s video.

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